Once upon a time is now. Cibarium Salsamenteria is the good food you may have forgotten: the salami and its intense aroma, the cheeses and their pungent notes, together with the wine and the silent discretion of the countryside surrounding Parma.

We are waiting for you in Fontanellato. In the shadow of the arcades of our ancient village, near the Rocca Sanvitale. Here we lay slices of Culatello, Prosciutto, Culatta and Nebbione on wooden platters, with Salame, Strolghino and Spalla: we are a Salsamenteria, that's why we write the names of cold-cuts with a capital letter.

Then the specialties, those of our land, with recipes that have passed the test of a few generations: tortelli d’erbetta, anolini in brodo, caval-pist, the snails and the homemade desserts, those for the diet-unconscious.

We serve coffee with mocha and with the delight of inviting you to come back. If today you do not have time to sit down and eat here, you can buy our D.O.P. cold-cuts, the 36-month Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, but also the almost lost Tosone-cheese and the most typical wines of our area.

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